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Who We Are

3DMakersPoint.com is one of the best, most comprehensive, and trustworthy American tech-stores for personal and professional manufacturing machines. We focus on 3D printers and filaments, 3D scanners, CNC tables, laser engravers, and after-sale experiences. Practically all a maker needs.


The company was founded by a group of close friends from engineering studies at university. After acquiring expertise in various industries, we decided to unite and make our knowledge and passion accessible to all professional and hobbyist production enthusiasts. Our team has extensive knowledge and years of experience in mechanical engineering, e-commerce, product design, 3D modeling, industrial design, motion control and high-tech development. Throughout the years, we have witnessed our customers and colleagues use printing and manufacturing technologies in their homes or businesses daily. We wanted to make the selection, buying, and manufacturing process accessible, simple, and efficient, for anyone and for any purpose.
We all own and maintain 3D printers, scanners and CNC machines and we believe that the best way to learn is simply by doing! We love to 3D print and create cool, useful and creative devices, all by ourselves.
3DMakersPoint.com was created to merge all our knowledge in these fields and offer our customers a complete experience in one place. 


The field of manufacturing and 3D printing is in its infancy, but it's developing fast. We're amazed to see how many creative and useful implementations can be made of printers and machines for personalu use and professional production: From engineering needs, through planning and creating spare parts for products at home, to creating, sculpting, concept designing, building prototypes, architecture models, medical purposes, study and research goals or just as a hobby...
We are determined to always find the best products for every use case and to remove any obstacles from the process, so that everyone can unleash the maker within them and bring their ideas to life.

3DMakersPoint aims to be the best, most reliable and comprehensive place for a variety of at home and professional manufacturing brands.
Our focus is on 3D printers, CNC machines, 3D scanners and laser engravers, and in short - everything that a maker needs to complete the experience of designing and manufacturing on their own.
We are a fast-growing American company, with a distribution and service center based in the USA. We aim to build an outstanding online reputation. We have a professional team that holds diverse knowledge and we strive to continue to grow and provide even more services.
Our goal is to help our customers choose, design, use and manufacture parts and products using printing and machining technology, while offering unique products that are carefully selected, at unbeatable prices. We aim to be the place that meets all the maker needs and to give an unforgettable purchasing, guidance and customer service experience. 


Here at 3DMakersPoint.com we have several key guiding principles, and these beliefs create a framework for our business - it's our promise we make to you regarding the experience and benefits you can expect from buying and working with us:


We work with the most well-known, reputable, innovative and reliable brands in the field of 3D printing and machining. We tailor our product recommendations and solutions based on the various personal goals of our customers. We only store products that our team has personally tested or have proven community credibility. The selection of our products will suit your needs and your level of experience, whether you are an engineer, designer, artist, manufacturer, business owner, student, teacher or avid hobbyist.


3DMakersPoint.com is an authorized distributor of all the brands which are listed on the website.

All our 3D machines and printers are backed by the manufacturer's full warranty which protects our customer’s investment.

The 3DMakersPoint team works non-stop, close to all manufacturers, in order to ensure that our customers get the best price available online. We ship from the manufacturer's warehouses directly to our customers, without any brokers or unnecessary warehouses, thus enabling us to provide the lowest possible price, guaranteed!

If you find an online store that offers a lower price than us, within 15 days of your purchase, please let us know and we will refund you the difference. We really want you to rest assured that apart from the best products, you will also get the lowest possible price.


3DMakersPoint.com offer FREE SHIPPING to the lower 48 states and distributes worldwide via FedEx, UPS, USPS, and special freight companies for special items.


Since we burst unto the e-commerce scene 3DMakersPoint team is consistently focusing on delivering the best possible service experience for our customers.

As an experienced company in the overall process of personal and professional production for a variety of purposes, we understand that buying the manufacturing machine is just the tip of the iceberg and that in order to bring your idea to life - much more required. we aim to provide it all.

We are obsessed with excellent customer service and we will be here to support you throughout the entire process, from A to Z.

You are more than welcome to contact us at any time by phone and email regarding whatever you need, for example:

  • Choosing a 3d printer, CNC router,3d scanner, or any other production machine according to your personal needs and for the level of your knowledge and experience.
  • As part of our excellent service, we offer our customers a wide range of printing materials in different colors and types, so you can make quality parts and prints in your home or business.
  • We offer our customers tailor-made solutions to all your design and production needs.
  • Operational and technical after-sale support - All our suppliers have an excellent and dedicated technical team for our customers. You can be sure that even on the operational and technical side of the printers and other machines, you will have access to a qualified team of technicians who will support, repair and replace your machine parts with original spare parts from the manufacturer.
  • Do you have an idea and are not sure how to execute it? We offer our customers assistance services in idea implementation, production technology, selection of materials, adapting the design software to your level of experience and background, and help with the technical aspect of the software or design, adapting complementary parts, accessories and so on...
  • We offer our customers Affordable Scanning and Reverse Engineering: We use 3D scanning and CAD software to recreate and replace lost, worn out, or damaged parts and pieces.
    Whether if you bought a 3D scanner or printer from us and need help in the process or if you need to quickly copy or reverse engineer just about anything, we are ready to help 3DMakersPoint family members.
  • We offer our customers a variety of additional services which will be updated and expanded as we continue to grow.  

Thanks for choosing 3DMakersPoint.com