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nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer
nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer
nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer
nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer
nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer

nano3Dprint A2200 - 3D Electronics Printer

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    Why Buy From 3D Makers Point

    The A2200 is a 3D multimaterials printer for printed electronics enhanced with added features that make using functional materials easy. Print PLA, ABS, and high performance FD materials such as PEEK and PPSU. The high precision, ultra reliable positive displacement dispenser print head is capable of precisely metering functional inks with a wide range of viscosities. Engineered for prototyping of 3D printed electronics by printing of thermoplastics in conjunction with functional inks such as high conductive silver ink. Simple, reliable and easy to use, the A2200 is a highly versatile multimaterials 3D electronics printer with performance that rivals systems that cost 10x, even 100x more. 3D electronics printing for all, try the A2200 now.



    Side-by-side precision filament extruder and enhanced materials dispensing system, in a familiar form factor and desktop sized making it very user friendly. The A2200 has a proprietary materials dispensing system to handle functional inks and pastes. Load your functional material of choice with ease while printing electronics.

    Accuracy & Precision Control   The A2200 features a real-time magnifying video inspection system for more precise adjustment control of our dispensing system. A2200 also boasts its accuracy in layer height, surface finishing, tolerance, and roundness for standard 3D printing.

    Hybrid Materials / Electronics   Independent vertical movement between extruder and dispensing nozzle with independent digital control let's you print on any size, shape, or type of substrate.

    Continuous Printing   A2200 can handle power failures/cut-offs. Once restarted, it will continue printing where it left off after the power cut-off.  A2200 can also detect when the filament is about to run out. Once refilled, it will continue printing where it left off. No need to worry.

    Simple To Use   A2200 is simple to use. Aside from controlling it with your computer, you can also control it from your smartphone or the full-color touch screen. It is compatible with WIFI, USB, SD card, and U disk for direct printing.​

    Software   Works with your preferred CAD and slicing software. We recommend Repetier and Simplify3D.






    • Single Extruder side-by-side with Materials Dispensing System

    • Extruder Material Support: Conductive filament, Carbon Fiber filament, PLA, 1.75mm ABS, POM, Red Bronze, Dissolvable filament (PVA, HIPS), Wood, PETG, Nylon (PA), PC, Flexible filament (TPU, PLA+), Moldlay (cartable filament), nano3Dprint high conductive filament, and much more...

    • Materials Dispensing System Materials Support: nano3Dprint pastes and inks, functional pastes and inks, Conductive Paints, Fast Drying Solvent Based inks, Silver Nano-Particle inks, Graphene solutions, and much more...

    • Continue Printing feature

    • Filament Run-Out Detection

    • Copy Printing feature

    • Print Modes: USB connect to PC; Direct print with SD card or U disk using full-color touch screen


    • Compatible with: Repetier-Host, Cura, Simplify3D, Makerware, EZ-3D Wire

    • File Format: STL, OBJ, DAE, AMF, GCODE, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNG

    • Operating System: Windows, Mac, Linux


    • Stage Dimensions: 214x186x160 (mm) / 8.4x7.3x6.3 (in)

    • Stage Material: Removable glass heated bed

    • Printing Layer Height: ≥ 0.02mm

    • Positional Accuracy:   XY axis: 0.011mm     Z axis: 0.0025mm

    • Nozzle Diameter: 0.4mm

    • Max. Nozzle Flow Rate: 24cc/hour

    • Max. Axis Moving Speed: 350mm/s

    • Max. Nozzle Temp.: 270 °C

    • Max. Heat Bed Temp.: 100 °C

    • Machine Dimensions: 467x357x374mm

    • Machine Weight: 13 kg (28.66 lbs)